My day in gifs… :)

First I had to get up ridiculously early for school. So i was very tired…

Then I got to school and I couldn’t get my locker open. So i sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to open it…

Then after that I came to class late so my teacher was all mad! And i was just like um yeah… sorry bout that!

Then I went to my new 2nd hour and found out that this really cute boy who I used to like is in it! and he said Hi to me hehe=)

But then my teacher gave me this HUGE reading assignment (due tomorrow) so I was just like…

Then I went to French and we got our finals back… (I did bad on it oops) BUT! I finally built up the confidence to talk to my crush for like the first time ever today whoo hoo! (We only had like a 2 second conversation but WHO CARES!)

Then I went to lunch and the girls at my table were talking about partying and stuff like that so I just pretended like I knew what was going on…

Then in my next class my teacher asked what we did over winter break, so I said I slept the whole time. And she was all like, why? My response:

After that I went to my new 7th hour and this SUPER DUPER cute guy is in it! AND HE SITS RIGHT BEHIND ME!

Then I went to ballet which was fun and all=)

And now I’m on tumblr while eating oreos Yay! :)

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